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Liquid Latex Fashions Kits

Liquid Latex Kits

School Spirit Kits, Nightclub Kits, Halloween Costume Kits.....  Our Liquid Latex products are available in prepackaged kits complete with Liquid llatex and applicators. For an excellent value, try our kits that include Body Prep, Body Clean and Body Finish products. We offer a variety of liquid latex kits, all allowing you the freedom to pick the colors you like. You choose the colors you need to create a costume, paint your face to show your school spirit or experiment with your partner -  test your creativity!

Our kits come in different sizes depending on the number of people you will be painting.  Our mini kits are perfect for one person or to share with a group for a sporting event where you are face painting only. The oversized kits are great for a liquid latex party!

MLB Liquid Latex Body Paint Kits
NFL Liquid Latex Body Paint Kits
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