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Hosting a Party

If you are looking for an exciting, original idea for hosting a party at your home - Liquid Latex Fashions has the perfect plan. Some suggestions for parties include - sports fan/school spirit parties, couples parties, fantasy parties - create sexy lingerie outfits, bridal and bachelor parties, girls night out parties - use glow in the dark liquid latex and create outfits to wear at dance clubs, costume party - create your own costume - these are just a few - you can create your own theme party and pick the colors appropriate for the theme.

The Host a Party Kit includes:

Party with 8 guests

(8) - 16 oz containers of liquid latex - you pick the colors

(4) - 8 oz containers of liquid latex - you pick the colors

(4) - 1 oz Magic Stardust - you pick the colors

(4) - Prep, Clean and Finish Kits

(10) - 1"e; foam brushes

(10) - 2"e; foam brushes

(10) - 3"e; foam brushes

(10) - 4"e; foam brushes

(5) - 2"e; foam rollers

(10) Instruction Manual

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Preparing for the party:

Hostess to decide on the theme.

Mail invitations.

Day of the party - cover all fabrics including sofas, chairs, carpets, drapes & pillows so that liquid latex does not spill on any fabric material.

Go over with guests all instructions for the application and removal process of liquid latex.

If going out - allow one to two hours for complete application.

Hostess picks winner offering prizes i.e. - for best costume - you can use one of the 8 oz jars of liquid latex included in your kit.

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