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Liquid Latex Fashions Costume Face & Body Paint

Liquid Latex Fashions offers a variety of costume kits and colors so you will be able to create your own custom costume. Liquid Latex Body Paint is a fun way to create you own one of a kind costume that is sure to be a real head turner at any time of the year. You can create costumes for different holidays and parties throughout the year through the many colors that are offered. Our company offers Halloween Body Paint Costume Kits, Customizable Kits and individual jars for you to create your own one of a kind body paint costume piece. These colors come in solid, fluorescent, neon, pearl, and metallic colors. The fluorescent and neon colors glow under black light are great for black light parties and clubs!

Liquid Latex Fashions is made with FDA approved ingredients. It is formulated with natural, Medical Grade latex which offers the highest quality of liquid latex body paint available. When used correctly, Liquid Latex Body Paint will not stick to your body hair and you can even wear it underneath clothing and it will not rub off! Our product is officially approved as clothing, which means that you can wear your costume in public.

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