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Liquid Latex Fashions Snowman Costume Kit

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Manufacturer: Liquid Latex Fashions
Manufacturer Part No: costume
Melt the hearts of those around you this holiday with the Sexy Snowman Body Paint Costume Kit. This kit includes the colors that you will need to create a magical little Frosty the Snowman costume for those holiday parties.  Our Liquid Latex Body Paint is formulated with FDA approved ingredients, using only natural, medical grade products.
2 - 4oz White jars
1-  4oz Black jar
1-  4oz Red jar
6- 1" Brushes
Prep/Clean/Finish Kit

(Hat, Skirt, Scarf, and Fur not included)
Liquid Latex Body Paint Snowman Costume Kit
Liquid Latex Body Paint Snowman Costume KitLiquid Latex Sexy Snowman Costume Peels Right Off!
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