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Liquid Latex Body Paint Costume Kit - Sexy Sailor

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Manufacturer: Liquid Latex Fashions
Manufacturer Part No: costume
Sexy Sailor Body Paint Costume

Catch a handsome sailor's eye in this sexy one of a kind body paint costume!

At Liquid Latex you will find the only Ammonia-Free Liquid Latex Body Paint. Our special formulation includes FDA approved ingredients that is safe for use on the face and body. One of the most remarkable things about Liquid Latex Fashions Latex Body Paint is that it dries at room temperature and forms a highly elastic rubber.

Liquid Latex is not made as a permanent coating on surfaces. It will slowly lift off the skin by itself after several hours of wear. It will not clog the pores nor prevent perspiration from forming. Liquid Latex is permanent on fabrics and clothing.

Click here to view the Liquid Latex Fashions sample color charts.

This kit includes
(4) 16oz jars of liquid latex: White, Blue, Red, Metallic Blue
(1) 2oz body prep
(1) 2oz body clean
(1) 2oz body finish
(6) 1" Foam brushes
(1)  Blue stardust

Note: Hat and Skirt are not included.

Liquid Latex Body Paint Costume Kit - Sexy Sailor
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